This represents your raw physical power that can be exerted on the world around you. It adds to your Melee Damage as well as some Weapon Attack Rolls. It helps with athletics and can allow your character to bash in doors and even break open safes.


How much physical exhaustion and injury you can take is all part of Constitution. Hit Points, Fortitude, General Sickness and Injury all measure up against your Constitution score.


This is a measure of your alacrity, agilty, hand-eye coordination and all other movements of finess that may or may not compliment your Strength Attribute. This affects your turn sequence, how hard you are to hit (if not in armor), and your accuracy with ranged weapons.


The ability to internalize and input raw data into your brain for further effective recall. It will certainly effect the number of skills you get each level as well as a significant number of knowledge based skills that could come in more than handy.


Bask in the immediacy of experience and observe for when the mind is not bogged down with thoughts it is also not distracted from the world around it. Wisdom will help you undersand this notion, give you greater will power, as well as provide some significant skill bonuses.


Just how cool are you? The charismatic tend to get a following so be ready to back it up with some epic speeches, magnetic charm, and one hell of a personality. 'Cause if your 'gonna go, go with a smile! :D

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