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This is a wiki page for all the information regarding the Monopolis Role Playing Game. Think of it as the Players Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual and Campaign Guide all rolled into one and not costing you 40$ a piece. But, then again, at least they had editors.

Introduction to MonopolisEdit

Imagine the end of the Second World War was just the harbinger of the third. Imagine that there was a city state that consumed most of Middle America, annexed from the United States and the perveyor of Ultra-Einsteinian Technology for the entire world, despite its protectionist policies. Imagine the bombs dropped and the world was hell for the latter half of the 20th Century (okay, like it was only MORESO). Imagine the remants of the city is Mankind's last hope of life in America. Now add a bunch of boobs, booze, bullets, blood and bombs mixed with a general sense that everything is going to shit, again. Stir very gently or shake the shit out of it ... either way, enjoy.

How to PlayEdit

Admittedly, it is mainly just Fallout Statistics meshed with Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. So, if you have any experience playing 4E or Gamma World then this ought to be somewhat familiar to you. If you have played Dungeons and Dragons previous editions, things will seem a bit close to normal but, no worries, there is no THACO to speak of ... or at least not yet.


This is who and what you are playing as during the game. Think of him/her as your avatar in a strange alternate reality science fiction where your choices somehow impact what they do, or do not, do. That being said, what your character is good or not good at doing is all numerically figured out and established by nerd sweat and computer algorithms ... here is some of that stuff.





  • Paladins/Church/Reborn Again/Worshipers of Atom (Adam)
  • The Tribe/Outsiders
  • Biker Gang
  • Gangsters
  • Borgeiouse
  • Army & Airforce
  • Science/Doctors
  • Artists Guild
  • Caravan/Truckers
  • Police State/Security
  • Robotics/Engineers
  • Merchants Guild


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